Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meet Me!

Well, first post of a new blog is always a little daunting. I am really excited to be launching this blog, because it means that I am FINALLY doing what I love full time. I found a love for fitness almost 10 years ago. I was going to school and then took some time off to work and regroup. I got a job working in the childcare at a women's gym. I would link them, but sadly, they closed their doors a couple of years ago. That was like losing a home.

I was a very experienced nanny and was attending college for a degree in Communications/Journalism. I wanted to be a writer/editor. While I was working at the gym, I started working out. Hey, free gym membership! Why not? I liked it. I found that all the extra energy that kept me up at night was being channeled into something new. It was great.

Eventually, I started working extra hours out on "the floor" selling membership and products and generally providing assistance where needed. I started taking classes and was trained by the gym to teach their circuit classes. Then they sent us to a weekend training for instructors to learn new formats and workouts. I met TurboKick that weekend, and I fell deeply in love with it. I got my certification a couple of months later. I eventually pursued my Primary Group Exercise Certification as well, and was working full time teaching classes for several different gyms. By the end of 2007, I was a little burnt out and decided to take a step back, get an office job and just teach a class or two a week. I also met my husband around the same time.

A year later, we were married and starting a family. I let my certifications lapse and continued working in the corporate world. I had two beautiful boys and constantly wondered how I would ever be as thin as I was at 21 before I had kids. Spoiler alert: I don't think that's in the cards for me. My body is different, but I am definitely in better shape than I was right after my babies were born! I won't ever be a size 0, but who really needs that anyway? :)

So, here I am. its 2014. I turn 30 this December. I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old. My husband runs his own garage door repair business, and I am doing my fitness thing again. I am so blessed and genuinely delighted to be back in the fitness world full time.

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. I still teach TurboKick, as well! I am teaching for two different gym "brands" and I am doing In Home Personal Training. I love helping people reach their fitness goals whether its in a group setting or one on one. I hope that you will join me as I pursue fitness in my own life and that you'll allow me to support you and help you on your own pursuit of fitness!

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